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Hello, toddler!


Look Ma, no hands!

Look Ma, no hands!

I’ve got a full-blown toddler on my hands. Little C turned 1 a few days ago, and he walks! He’s not a baby anymore.

He doesn’t look like a baby either, he’s wearing clothing for a three-year old. Above all, I’m shocked at how fast this year has gone by, and also, how slowly. 

I look at pictures of him a year ago when he was a newborn, and I start to cry. We’ve come so far. He walks! He eats! He plays! He giggles! This time last year I was just coming back from the hospital with him.

He’s left behind all the vestiges of babyhood. He doesn’t use a bottle (he never did), nor a pacifier. The Arm’s Reach cosleeper bassinet was folded up this weekend and put in the basement. The loaned Exersaucer from Zach has gone back. It’s all gone! Toddlerhood is truly here.

If I have another baby, I hope to remember some things:

Bring handwipes to the hospital, and clean socks, and slippers.

Hire the lactation consultant right away. 

Ignore any advice to wake up the baby every 2 hours at night to nurse. And no night pumping either, that’s crazy!

Remember that breastfeeding does get supereasy over time, even if you have an imperfect latch and just about every other condition in the book. Your body will make it right eventually. 

Don’t get so freaked out about mastitis. Stay home, call the house-visit doctor, drink fluids galore and remember the pain will go away in a few days.

Get prescription medicine asap for baby eczema and use it. This is not a condition that will clear up on its own.

Don’t bother with all that Ferber Cry-It-Out sleep stuff.  Just accept that you might not sleep through the night for one year and ignore people that tell you otherwise. This way, I’ll be pleasantly surprised if Baby No. 2 does actually sleep through the night earlier on than Cillian.

Don’t stress about the baby weight in the first while. It took about 9 months for me to lose it all. And happily, I wasn’t even trying.

So on that note, the time has come to wrap up this blog. Thanks for reading and I hope you found some good baby stuff.


What Cillian is doing now: Napping in his crib. He often naps three hours each afternoon, which will come in handy when I am working from home starting next month.