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Teething remedies: Bread and spoons


Baguette slices keep me busy for up to 25 minutes!

Baguette slices keep me busy for up to 25 minutes!

Hello, first tooth! Cillian has been a handful the last week, because he’s cut his first tooth at 8 months. Yay, Cillian!

One of the most effective foods for him, I’ve found, is the end of a baguette (one that’s not too soft, they could choke on the too-soft stuff). He’ll chew on it for about twenty five minutes, or as long as it takes him to polish it off. And best of all, he’s so quiet when he does it. He just sits and eats. No crawling. No bawling. No whining. He just bites and chews and tugs at it with his, um, tooth.

Also effective to a lesser degree: Spoons. He’ll bite and suck on them for a while, but the drool is copious, so a bib and vaseline on the chin is a must (he’s got a bit of redness there).


What Cillian is up to: Right now, playing in his crib. He’s finally sleeping nearly 12 hours most nights cause he’s tired from the nonstop crawling.