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Eczema treatment for babies: Spectro Kids Eczema


We were skeptical, but this stuff is pretty good for eczema!

We were skeptical, but this stuff is pretty good for eczema!

Baby eczema. It’s all about putting the moisturizer on WET skin.

Part of me thinks I shouldn’t jinx it, but C’s baby eczema is relatively under control. Many thanks to my friend L who cottoned me onto the practice of wetting the skin and then moisturizing, three times per day, and to my mom who said she read that you should bathe baby every day (tepid/warm water, NOT hot) and moisturize. Using a combo practice, C’s eczema is under control. He also has Betaderm, too, but I’m needing that less and less.

I like this Spectro Kids Eczema product, though initially I thought it was just a gimmick. It’s very difficult to squeeze it out of the tube though. Really quite annoying, they should change the toothpaste tube style to a pump or a soft tube. It’s one of those metal tubes.

The thing about baby eczema though is it can flare up out of nowhere, for seemingly no reason. So while I’d like to believe it’s strictly the wetting/moisturizing of the skin, it may just be that C’s skin is calmer, too.

Fingers crossed.


What Cillian is doing now: He’s watching the rain stream down the sliding glass doors in the kitchen. He is also alternately banging on something, though I’m not sure what and I’m not inclined to find out. I figure if he’s making noise, he’s alive. He’s teething again. He’s got two teeth but drooling like a hot puppy on a sunny day.