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Driving toys for tots: Vtech Learn and Discover Driver


I love to pretend I'm driving!

I love to pretend I'm driving!

At a lovely neighbourhood boutique purveying upcycled goods called La Bonne Volonté (aka Goodwill), my friend S urged me to buy this Vtech Learn and Discover Driver toy for $2.99. It retails regularly for $22.99  at Toys R Us.

Bargain time!

Even at full price, it’s worth it. C grabbed the wheel immediately and started turning it, which allowed me to shop LBV a little longer. Where, by the way, I picked up a pair of impeccable-condition snow pants from The Children’s Place for $1.99. Full disclosure here: La Bonne Volonté is totally S’s coinage, and man, she can shop that place like a pro! She’s actually the one who found EVERY item I came out of there with, and I had like 5 things. 

After I scrubbed the toy and sunned it, I put two AA batteries in it, and C has been tearing up the roads ever since. I must take some points away however for the annoying sounds this little contraption makes. Mind you, those sounds are still less annoying than crying/whining, so I’ll take ’em. Maybe I’ll just find some duct tape to cover the sound holes with.

What Cillian is doing now: Trying to grab my laptop from me. He can stand really good these days, he has 5 teeth, and he took one teeny tiny almost-step toward me today! He’s 10.5 months old, hard to believe.