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Alternatives to Cheerios, cause they are too salty for baby


Cheerios are easy to eat, but full of salt!

Cheerios are easy to eat, but full of salt!

When my bro was a bambino, I tasted some of his Cheerios. I couldn’t believe how salty they were! Knowing this, I confess, I still bought some for Cillian, more just to encourage his picking-up skills skills than for actual nutrition.

Then I bought some other organic types, and the problem was that he couldn’t eat those as easily, something about the shape being a bit too thick. Definitely, Cheerios has the meltiness down pat. 

But  basically, I am convinced they are like potato chips for babies, so I let him eat them with that in mind. The health claims are bogus, if you ask me, or at least eclipsed or negated by the deleterious effect of the sodium content. I looked at the box, which confirms what I thought. There is a lot of sodium in there. What irks me is that these are marketed as a perfect kid’s food. Just look at the image above from the Cheerios website. To the Cheerios people: Your cereal is just too salty. You need to make an alternative low-sodium version for babies, if you want to market to them.

Maybe Canadian Cheerios are saltier than American Cheerios? The Globe and Mail just reported that Canadians are getting way more salt IN THE SAME FOODS that are served elsewhere in the world from companies like Burger King’s onion rings, Subway sandwiches, and cereal makers like Kelloggs (All Bran, of all things). 

Let’s look at the curious case of All Bran. 861 mg of sodium for Canadians. For the US?  A mere 258 mg of sodium, for the same product.

I’ve always contended that cereal is just junk food, and it looks like I’m right. Nothing wrong with junk food in my book, it just gets my hackles up when it’s portrayed and heavily marketed as healthy, nutritious stuff.


What Cillian is doing now. Mercifully, sleeping. It’s been a wild ride of nightwaking and difficulty putting him to bed, this little dude. On the developmental side, he’s crawling like crazy, and yesterday he was chasing Janet around the house and yelling at her, for fun.