Good Baby Stuff

Ikea’s toys and furniture for kids and babies


Relaxing in Uncle Jojo's chair. And eating a sock.

Relaxing in Uncle Jojo's chair. And eating a sock.

Practically everyone has ragged on Ikea at least once. Haven’t you?  Shoddy furniture, such-and-such fell apart, didn’t come with the necessary tools, delivery service didn’t show up on time, etc. But they do a lot of things right, especially kids stuff. 

Here’s Cillian in Uncle Joseph’s Poang chair for kiddies. (BTW, Uncle Joseph is not a midget, he’s my much-younger brother). 

On a related note, the New York Times has reported a trend of parents using Ikea’s inexpensive childcare services to get a break from junior on a budget. And the parents aren’t even furniture shopping, they’re just browsing and buying hot dogs. 


What Cillian is doing now: Napping in his crib. Ever since his Betaderm medicine, he’s been sleeping pretty well (not to jinx myself here). Last night he was up twice (not so bad in an 11 hour sleepathon), but only nursed once at 6am. Yesterday we had lunch with my friend N at my office, and he loved her. Like, let her cuddle him, and touched her neck and face. And even flinged his legs, which is a sure sign he’s happy as a clam.


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