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Baby eczema treatment

What a weekend of eczema-fighting it has been. Poor CC has had this dreadful condition since birth, practically, and has had a flare up on his cheek for the last month or so. At least I think it’s eczema. It responds to his 1 per cent cortisone ointment treatment if I stay on top of it all night long, reapplying and reapplying everytime he swipes it off…which is often. 

It goes away, then comes back with a vengeance. Unfortunately, I have it too, if you saw my elbows you’d probably barf. They’re all cracked and bleeding. Yuck. So I’ve been creaming them and using Eucerin and vaseline (on CC too), etc and so forth.

Probably will take little guy to the doctor. Would love to treat this naturally with just calendula or something, but natural treatments, frankly, take too long if they work at all (I’ve never had any luck with them). Will update with what the doc says.


What Cillian is doing now: slapping a book of Baby Faces. We also discovered that when he drinks water out of a sippy cup or regular cup and you hold it for him, he holds his little hands up when you do it. Too cute!


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  1. * Anonymous says:

    I totally understand what you’re going through. D’s had eczema from about 3 weeks of age and it was BAD. All over his face, arms and legs. They were so rough and red… got it from dad who also had it as a baby. My ped told me to liberally slather on Aquaphor 3x a day on WET skin. It would be really red and shiny right after but after an hour or so it would improve significantly. Anytime I stopped it came back. I noticed that keeping the affected areas covered after application helped prevent the ointment from getting wiped off and made a different in the overall improvement. It took like 10 months but it’s finally gone now. There are prescription creams available that are really effective if you feel like it’s hard to keep on top of. Good luck!

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 10 months ago

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