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Chinese chopsticks for feeding baby


Believe it or not, these are easy for me to eat from.

Believe it or not, these are easy for me to eat from.

This is for sure one of the nuttier things I’ve posted, but the hubby suggested it, and since he so seldom pipes up about such matters, I thought I would include it.

In feeding Cillian the stray bit of Chinese food from my plate, I discovered he could eat really easily from chopsticks. Not the pointy wooden ones, but the blunt-end melamine ones you find at dim sum places and real Chinese restaurants. We use them all the time at home, and my Irish hubby has become admirably proficient at using them, for a lo-fan.

What’s kind of cool is that it’s easier to feed him in his high-chair, cause the chopsticks in effect make your arm longer. On the other side, it’s kind of weird to use them with non-Chinese food, which we haven’t done.  I use them when he’s eating dong


What Cillian is doing now: Acting like a teenager. Seriously. He sleeps late, gets the middle-of-the-night munchies, and has a messy crib, where I found him faceplanted among his toys this morning. His dad put him there at 6:30, left the house for work (baby was awake) and I guess C fell asleep by himself at some point.


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