Good Baby Stuff


These are incredibly soft!

These are incredibly soft!

Washcloths really come in handy when you have a little one. In this age of reuse, reuse, reuse, what could be more reusable than a washcloth? My favourites are these ones by Piccolo Bambino. The are so soft and very thin, which sounds counterintuitive (we are obsessed with thick everything, thick towels, thick blankets…you get the drift) but they work great. I have about 20 washcloths, but new parents probably need about 8 to 10 baby washcloths. Reason being is that you’ll end up doing a wash before you run out of washcloths, so no need to overdo it. 


What Cillian did yesterday: Played with Janet when she came to visit. Would not go in the cosleeper, and preferred the crib (I knew it wouldn’t last). Is growling at me in his highchair right now.


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