Good Baby Stuff

Dr Sears Arm’s Reach Mini Cosleeper


I slept in this last night, so mommy could finally get some sleep and keep an eye on me.

I slept in this last night, so mommy could finally get some sleep and keep an eye on me.

This Arms’ Reach Mini Co-sleeper has been sitting around in my bedroom collecting dust since about the first week after Cillian was born. At that time, he would moan and groan and whimper when I would place him in it (while already sleeping). I would pick him up and lay him beside me, and voila, deeper sleep. So what do you think I did?

Needless to say, he’s been cosleeping with us until the last few weeks, where he’s been somewhat ok with transitioning to the crib in his nursery. Sometimes he likes it, sometimes he cries his head off one hour after going to sleep. Except for this weekend, about which all I can say is I hope I forget the sleepless terrors it held.

So yesterday night in a fit of desperation I tried him in the cosleeper again though he’s a bit big for it. (It’s a mini cosleeper, bigger than a bassinet, but about half the size of a crib.) He stayed there all night, waking twice for feeding (or just waking, but I find it easier just to nurse him cause I know that knocks him out, and it just seems so much easier than walking around the room with him.) He stayed! He rolled over a bit and had his leg draped on one side, but since I’m right beside him in bed, I wasn’t too worried. 

Phew. I had almost written this $114 item off as totally useless, but it was worth every penny cause I got good sleep last night. That’s the crazy thing about baby gear. Sometimes you just don’t know when it will come in handy again. I almost folded it up and put it in the basement about a week ago. So glad I didn’t.


What Cillian is doing: Hanging out in his crib (sometimes he falls asleep by himself. And I didn’t Ferberize him!) We were at S and Zach’s this morning having fun playing in their awesome tricked-out baby-friendly living room.


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