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Hooray for the borrowed Exersaucer!


I loved this Exersaucer at Zach's birthday party.

I loved this Exersaucer at Zach's birthday party. Ava had a good time, too!

When I plonked C in this Exersaucer at his friend Zach’s birthday party, he took to it like a fish to water, slowly circling around the toys on the periphery. He was in there for about 35 minutes without a peep.

From this previous post, you might recall I didn’t buy an Exersaucer, cause frankly, I couldn’t afford such an expensive toy that I wasn’t sure he’d like. 

Zachy’s mom, my dear friend S came to the rescue, and lent us his Evenflo Ultrasaucer, which Zach has grown out of. 

It’s great! It has music, baubles and beads galore, it even makes a pot of coffee in the morning. Ok, it doesn’t, but importantly, it lets me make a pot of coffee while junior is happily occupied. Hopefully he’ll play in it outside so I can do some gardening, too.


What Cillian did yesterday: Cried for an hour when he only partially napped at noon (have been trying to get him to nap in the crib), came with us to Home Depot and had a grand old time, crawled around on the living room floor. He still can’t go forward, but he can pivot in all directions, and move backward alarmingly quickly. Right now he’s asleep in his crib. We put him in there to chillax because he got up at 5:30 (And so did we. Ugh.) Suddenly, he fell asleep by himself. That never happens!


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