Good Baby Stuff

Books for babies: Yummy Yucky by Leslie Patricelli


This is my favourite book!

This is my favourite book!

Of all of Cillian’s rather formidable library, for a seven-month old, this is his favourite book. I bought it when I was about six months pregnant, I just couldn’t resist. It was too cute! 

Sample text: “Mommy’s cookies are yummy.” (picture of cute baby eating cookie)

“Mommy’s coffee is yucky” (picture of same cute baby spitting out a mouthful of coffee)

This is one of the few books of his where he’ll pay attention to the different pages, and reach out his little fingers to scratch at the illustrated baby. 

It’s widely available through Amazon or local bookstores. 


What Cillian did yesterday: I can’t remember because he was up every two hours last night, being restless and kicking us. Oh yeah, I remember…he finally decided he likes the Exersaucer we borrowed from S and Zach. He likes the bug bead, which he flips around with his fingers, and the sunflower thingy which he likes to chew on.


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