Good Baby Stuff

Manhattan Toy makes great baby toys


Check out the groovy babies on this toy!

Check out the groovy babies on this toy!

Without fail, Cillian’s two Manhattan Toys draw the most attention when other moms see them. Oh, that’s so much fun! They coo. I didn’t discover this line of toys, my friend Y did, and brought one as a gift for C after he was born (along with a gorgeous Baby Bonkie and a cute Wry Baby T-shirt. She is a very, ridiculously generous friend, I have to say).

Manhattan toys are priced reasonably (more expensive than Fisher-Price, I think, but still affordable, I think the one above retails for about $18). The colours are pleasing (I am not a big primary colour person), and the toys seem to intrigue the little ones. Mind you, so does a wooden spoon, but that doesn’t make for a fun baby gift, really.

In Toronto, they can be found at many places, including Playful Minds, and the always beyond awesome KolKid on Queen St. 


What Cillian did yesterday: Was bored out of his mind because we were trapped in by the rain for three days straight. So, played with measuring cups and a wooden spoon. He has a sore on his cheek that he keeps rubbing, so we bought Polysporin and Bandaids, and slapped a Bandaid on his cheek so he wouldn’t rub it at night. He looked like he was in a barroom brawl.  Then he kept us up most of the night, crying at 1am, wriggling like a lunatic at 3, 5:30 and 7:30. Oy. Thank goodness it’s going to be the weekend.


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