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Breastfeeding-friendly baby bottles


This was my bottle. The, oh, six or so times I actually drank from one.

This was my bottle brand. The, oh, six or so times I actually drank from one.

Like so many moms, I struggled with breastfeeding. Even after C’s latch got better (and on one side it’s never been perfect, still isn’t), I still kept having problems. At one point at the four-month mark, on my third bout of mastitis, I wanted to wean him to formula (which didn’t work, I’m still breastfeeding him with no bottle usage)

At the time, he wouldn’t drink from bottles. He couldn’t latch onto them, trying hard to open his mouth but finding the nipple too short so that his mouth was practically around the plastic rim. Then I had an aha! moment reading Babble blog Straight from the Bottle, where Rebecca Woolf mentions that her daughter couldn’t latch on standard bottle nipples either, and used Born Free bottles, which has a wide, breast-like nipple.

My mom mentioned that Playtex Drop Ins had a similar nipple. So off I went to buy some bottles, breast throbbing. Born Free, while appealingly made of glass, were very expensive and given that I wasn’t sure if C would drink from it, not a good investment at the time. So I just grabbed Playtex Drop Ins, because it had a rubber nipple, and a Playtex Vent Air, because it had a silicone nipple. All are BPA-free, because that’s the law in Canada. 

And lo, little C could latch onto the bottle! Getting him to prefer the bottle over nursing was another matter altogether.

Long of the short, I hated feeding C bottles. He would sometimes take them, sometimes refused. I hated mixing the powder, cleaning the bottles, figuring out how to dissolve the formula well, heat it just to the right temp, etc and so forth. In the end I gave up bottle feeding cause it was just too hard! I know that sounds silly cause of all the trouble that some moms have doing the breastfeeding thing, but once you start exclusively breastfeeding, you can’t just flick a switch and turn it off. I’m glad I perservered, and also glad I got the less expensive bottles! They’re sitting in a cupboard right now, unused. 

Now that he’s 7 months old, he drinks from a cup (something he could do since 4 months, I think because he drank from a cup so frequently as a newborn – never give a baby bottles if you need to supplement formula, use a little cup or spoon or you won’t get your milk supply up AND don’t give into pushy but well meaning relatives who tell you just to give him a bottle. Sorry. End rant. If you do end up bottle feeding, don’t feel bad about it. I drank formula and am relatively intelligent and healthy, if that means anything.) Cillian doesn’t nurse as much, night-nurses about once, and it’s gotten to be such an easy habit, like blowing your nose. 


What Cillian did today: Played in his room with his squishy octopus, dangling it and chewing it. Came to Uncle Chee’s house for dinner and entertained everyone by blowing raspberries and rocking on all fours. Aunt Kam called him a “Greedy Cat” in Chinese (this is how Chinese people show affection. Seriously).


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