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Yeast diaper rash treatment: Cortisone and Canesten did the trick


Phew. I'm at my pal Zach's birthday party and my rash is gone.

Ahh, sweet relief. I'm at my pal Zach's birthday party and my rash is gone.

For the last week I’ve been in Neurotic Mom Diaper Rash Combat Mode. C had a red rash in the creases between his legs and genital area that was slowly spreading. With the help of my mom, we figured out it was a yeast diaper rash because:

-there were sharply defined edges

-there were satellite pimples that were red in nearby areas (meaning it was going to spread there)

-it was red

So off we went to the pharmacy in search of creams that would help. The pharmacist recommended 0.5 per cent cortisone cream like Cortate, first, for the redness and itchiness and inflamation. (Note: Cream, not ointment, as ointment would block the next cream to be applied, which was Canesten).

Then, wait 10 minutes, and apply Canesten, a vaginal yeast infection cream. 

I coupled this with a post-poop bath in the morning (no soap, just warm water), liberal amounts of diaper-free time during the day, and disposable diapers with the stretchy part in the crease ripped out so it wouldn’t further abrade C’s skin changed every hour.

Then the creams (don’t used cortisone more than a few days, it thins the skin apparently, and can damage it), only at morning and before bed.

Today, the rash is gone, fingers crossed!

I’m sure all-natural moms will be tut-tutting me. I tried the airing-out. I tried the gentle creams. I tried just lanolin. They didn’t work. Disagree with me? Here’s the thing. I don’t care what you think. Modern medicine is an awesome thing and we moms are lucky, so lucky to have it. I’m blessed to live in a society where I can go to the drugstore in 15 minutes’ walk  and buy something that will help my son feel better.


What Cillian did today: Ate Cheerios for the first time, you could see his tongue working it from side to side. But man, are they salty! They’re like potato chips for babies.  10 percent of sodium content for the day…for an adult! So I’ll switch to Oatey-O’s or something less salty.


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