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We love the Fisher-Price Rainforest Melodies & Lights Gym


This is one of my favourite toys! That's not me in it though.

This is one of my favourite toys! That's not me in it though.

This Fisher-Price floor mat or “gym” is my favourite toy of Cillian’s and his too. In place of a person to entertain him, this is the next best thing. Meaning, I can go and brush my teeth and my hair while he happily occupies himself playing with it. 

Since he was about six weeks old, he’s been happy to stay on it for up to an hour, at first just looking up at the flashing lights, and now exploring all the toys hanging from it, and he’s 7 months old! It’s like a mother’s helper. 

His dexterity is finally good, so it’s fun to watch him play differently with each hanging toy, there are five of them. His favoured accessory is the elephant, which has a tumble ball of beads that he likes to roll. At this very moment he’s looking at himself in the hanging mirror.

I highly recommend it, or a Gymini, or some sort of floor mat. 


What Cillian did yesterday: Had a long nap on the bed (he’s finally becoming a better sleeper/napper) while I watched downloaded episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. Ate dong, which he loves, which means he never gags when he eats it because he’ll gag sometimes when he’s had enough of something or doesn’t like it. Came for a walk with us in the Ergo baby carrier, and held onto the straps with his little hands.


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