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Ikea’s Sultan crib mattress


This is the crib mattress I never sleep on.

This is the crib mattress I never sleep on.

Crib mattresses aren’t all that easy to buy. Unfortunately it seems to be one of those items you might not get right even after doing lots of research. C has an inexpensive Ikea crib mattress, the Sultan Dromma, but it’s awfully soft and kind of sinks in the middle. Not that he sleeps in it anyway, but still. 

Though I will say, the Sultan Dromma has a soft cotton washable cover, and is free of those nasty fire-retardants that most mattresses in North America are sprayed with. In fact, all of Ikea’s mattresses are free from fire-retardants. Plus, it’s light to lift and change (my friend L says changing hers is a two-person job).

When C is ready for a big-boy bed, I’ll probably buy an all-cotton futon to put right on the floor.


What Cillian did yesterday: Had a visit from Lisa H., my old high-school chum, where he was alternately peppy and cranky. Ate my grandmother’s dong, a seasonal sticky rice working-in-the-field food which he pecked off my chopsticks like a little bird. Then, had a visit from cousin J which cheered him up immensely.


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