Good Baby Stuff

The Naturstutten rubber pacifier


This was my first pacifier.

This was my first pacifier.



I learned about the Naturstutten pacifier by accident. I was in a baby shop, and I heard a heavily pregnant woman ask the salesgirl, “Can you show me that pacifier that doesn’t interfere with breastfeeding?”

And the salesgirl rummaged through a basket of pacifiers and pulled out the Naturstutten.

This was the first I used with Cillian, when he was about 9 weeks old. It looks sort of ridiculous, like a manhole cover, but it’s all-rubber, one piece, and makes baby splay his lips like a little fish, which is also the ideal breastfeeding mouth position.

Strangely, it ranges in prices depending on what (specialty) shop you happen to get it from, which is weird. I’ve seen it at $7.50 and at $11.50.


What Cillian did yesterday: Ate lots of broccoli, chicken and sweet potato for dinner. Loved chicken, couldn’t get enough. Cried when an old lady touched his nose when we were out for a walk. “Delicate” she said of him when he was bawling. Also, bawled at 1am last night.


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