Good Baby Stuff

Chicco makes great high chairs


Me, my Chicco high chair, and a piece of toast.

Me, my Chicco high chair, and a piece of toast.

Instead of buying an on-the-floor bouncy seat for baby, I bought a high chair that reclines quite a bit when he was around two months old. The best high chair I found was by Chicco, and I waited for a sale at Sears. They only make one model for the North American market so far as I can tell, a chair that comes in a multitude of bright colours, and turns into a seat when baby becomes a child.

Chicco is an interesting company. Italian. I remember being in Italy about 8 years ago, looking for some gear for my younger brother, and stumbling into a Chicco store. They make everything for babies, at least in Italy. Strollers, toys, clothes, high chairs, you name it, Chicco makes it. 

Anyhow, this high chair is on wheels, and I used to rock Cillian to sleep in it when he was tiny, because you can take the tray off and just have them sitting in it. Of course I had to strap him down (not that he could move that much anyway, but it’s high off the ground), but the bonus was he could really lay back in it. 

Nowadays he sits in it happily to eat toast, play with Sophie, and just generally hang with me in the kitchen in the morning.


What Cillian did today: Was very quiet, indeed. Went to Bak Bak’s house and tried to crawl. Laughed just a little bit for Bak Bak and uncle Herman. Ate broccoli, which makes him giggle. Finally got a bit more animated after his 5-6pm nap.


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