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Where to get cute baby clothes for boys

Finding cute, reasonably stylish clothes for a baby boy is harder than you’d think. Cute girls clothes? Sure, no problem. Just about every children’s clothes store does up-to-date adorable dresses and other sweet outfits for little ladies.

But boys’ stuff? There’s usually little to choose from (like four outfit choices for boys, and twelve for girls) and it’s usually the same boring stuff that doesn’t seem to change from year to year. 

Cillian has gone from size 3 months clothing to size 18 months, even though he’s only six months old. And this isn’t just mom hyperbole. His doctor says he’s basically the size of a one year old. Weight, and height. So I’ve bought a lot of clothes.

Basically, these are my fave trio of  boy- and budget-friendly shops:

-H&M for comfy pants, jackets, cute t-shirts and sweaters, hats and socks

-Costco for rompers and onesies

-Joe Fresh Style for rompers, button-up long sleeve shirts, and affordable organic clothes

Surprisingly, I’ve never found anything at:

-Baby Gap

-Old Navy


And just forget about Petit Bateau and Jacadi and all of those places. I ain’t got that kind of cash, and even if I did, Cillian would probably outgrow the outfits before I brought them home from the store.


What Cillian did today: Ate avocado, grudgingly. Sat up in the Peg Perego with his H&M Australian-style sun hat on, smiling at all the ladies. Taught himself a new step in his Jolly Jumper…three small hops.


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  1. * Mary Mehegan says:

    Hi. Expense is the main problem right now with this economy. There are some new online stores for baby clothes:

    Or you can go to thrift shops which takes time, energy & patience.

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 11 months ago

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