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How to choose a baby mobile


I love my Fisher Price mobile with the rainforest animals!

I love my Fisher Price mobile with the rainforest animals! But I love daddy more.

Cillian loves his Fisher-Price Rainforest Peek-a-Boo Leaves mobile. The leaves open and close, and a rotating monkey, toucan and frog keep him company when he hangs out in the crib in the morning. He’s six months old, and he loves staring at their faces still. 

It was a registry item, bought by my friend J. 

My friend Y suggested it. This is what she wrote in an email to me (she used her crib mostly as a change table as her daughter co-slept with her):

“Get a mobile to keep them occupied during changing (not a designer mobile! Get a
Fisher Price one that has brightly coloured animals that rotate when you turn it on. They rotate and play music, and the kid is too transfixed to give you trouble. It worked for Sonja’s boys, it worked for my Nutball, and it worked for this Ukraininan/Russian former coworker I gave the mobile to when I was done with it, and her daughter was going through major nicotine withdrawal, so she would have been pretty antsy!)”



What Cillian did today: Ate another meatball. Took four short naps, and giggled after falling asleep for two of them. Giggled on the swing in the park, too.


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