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Sophie the teething giraffe


Sophie is my favourite toy! I like to bite her ears and wring her neck.

Sophie is my favourite toy! I like to bite her ears and wring her neck.

I wish I had invented Sophie the Giraffe. She’s a baby shower registry staple. C really loves Sophie, she’s one of the few toys he will eagerly reach his hands out for when you hold her up in front of him. Soon as he gets her, he holds her legs and chews her ear nubs. Then he gets her by the neck and bends her in half.

Babies love her. Her face is kind of nipple shaped. Stroll around my ‘hood and you’ll see a Sophie tucked in almost every stroller, or in the stroller basket or most likely, hanging out of some baby’s mouth.

She’s French, the little strumpet. Made by a company called Vulli. She’s all rubber, which is nice in an age where “plastic” and “baby gear” seem to go hand in hand. (Long aside: I’m sure I’m not the only mom who feels that plastic goods are far too pervasive in the world of baby gear. Plastic bottles, plastic pacifiers, plastic spoons, bowls, food packaging, teething rings, rattles…babies in the developed world probably put more plastic in their mouths than anything else.)

And she costs around $20! That’s pricey for a teething toy baby could fling out the side of the stroller and you’d be none the wiser. I’ve created a Sophie leash using Cillian’s pacifier leash. At the end of it I tether Sophie’s sexy French giraffe leg. You ain’t going anywhere, mademoiselle!


What Cillian did today: Cried angrily in Pizza Pizza (can you blame him?), played peek-a-boo with his dad and giggled hysterically, gobbled two Baby Mum-Mum crackers (I ate part of one. They’re not bad). Crawled forward on his tummy. Slithered? It’s not really crawling yet. Babbled today more than every.


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