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Peg Perego Pliko: A review


This is Danyal in his ride, a Peg Perego Pliko

This is Danyal in his ride, a Peg Perego Pliko

After posting about Cillian’s new Peg Perego Uno, my friend L promptly Facebooked me on the virtues of the Peg.

“Welcome to the Peg side =) hehehe… we have a Pliko and we love it!! We first had a travel system but it weighed a frickin ton and barely fit into the back of my car (you had to put it in at a specific angle/position just to shut the hatch and once it was in there was no room for anything else.. not even groceries!). The Pliko is fabulous and D loves it, especially since he loves leaning forward and the straps let him do that. And when he does lean back, he likes putting his feet up on the snack tray. At the time I really wanted a stroller with a reversible seat but they seemed to be too expensive or too big (although now there is a Pliko Switch which has that option – DAMN!). It’s ok though, D prefers to see the world rather than see us.. he was like that with Bjorn too. The basket is a bit tight but we often hang the diaper bag off the handles anyway so it’s not huge deal. Enjoy your new wheels!”

Thank L, Cillian’s loving it already! Glad you like your Peg Perego, too!


What Cillian did today: Hung over the side of the Peg Perego as we strolled him to get compost for the yard. Babbled like crazy “Dai dai dai dai dai.” Went crazy for broccoli cream pasta sauce and cried when it ran out. Came to High Park to hang with Y and her family. Spent a lot of time with his dad as it’s his last day before going back to work after a three-month paternity leave. Boo. Right now he’s trying to touch the keys on the computer and has succeeded in deleted a few characters and pressing the = button.


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