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The Peg Perego Uno: A review


Whee! Look at my new wheels! I have a snack tray now.

Whee! Look at my new wheels! I have a snack tray now.

This week I bought little Cillian this Peg Perego Uno over the weekend. This is after calling just about every stroller-carrying store in the greater Toronto area to see where I could get the best deal. I’m not usually such a bargain hound, but this stroller costs $499! That’s about $200 more than I wanted to pay for a second stroller. But we needed it. Maclaren is a great lightweight stroller but it does have shortcomings: not good in the snow, no snack tray, baby must semi-recline, baby can’t face you, baby can’t recline all the way for a nice deep non-neck-contorting snooze. 

I love that the Peg Perego Uno converts from a pram to a stroller, while baby is still in it. It’s got those nice big wheels for a soothingly bouncy ride, the handle goes back and forth to face baby to or away from you, the basket is giant (I love a big stroller basket), it comes with a foot muff. But my fave Peg Perego feature is this groovy seat harnass that looks kind of like suspenders and lets them sit way forward up where the tray is so they aren’t strapped down like Hannibal Lecter. I am a Peg convert after steadfastly considering myself a Maclaren mom. They are just so functional. Gripe: Handle is plastic…for that money it should be neoprene covered, like the Maclaren or Bugaboo. 

The wheel width is kind of giant though, so it’s been tricky to navigate my stairs, as I thought it would be, but we’ll manage. 

Oh, and I got a small deal. Macklems sells the Peg Perego Uno for $479. That’s $20 cheaper than anywhere else I could find, and I tried Dear-Born Baby, L’il Niblets and Sprouts, Baby Depot in Kitchener, even Toys R Us/Babies R Us. They also put it together for me at no cost . The clincher was that the store was not that far from my home.  The second clincher was Cillian’s delight in being able to hang onto the snack tray and flirt with the saleslady.

Happy trails, Cillian, you spoiled boy, you. And thanks Poh Poh, for hitting the penny-slot jackpot at the casino that will finance part of the cost.


What Cillian did today: Came to a bistro and made friends with the lunching ladies, rolled over many times on his nursery floor, slapped his hands on the table, his dads arms and his high chair tray. Wiggled and moved all over the rug on the living room floor.


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