Good Baby Stuff

Cute custom baby announcements: Cards from Tinyprints


Why is this baby's face in my birth announcement card?

Why is this baby's face in my birth announcement card? makes awesome personalized stationery. While not baby gear, per se, custom baby announcement cards are a classy way to let friends and family members know the details of bambino’s birth, including a photo. Email is great for spreading the news, but everyone likes to get a piece of mail, especially when the contents are so cute. And hey, friends and family attended your baby shower, so this is a nice update (but do still send thank you cards for the gifts!).

Tinyprints gets the details right. Easy-to-use digital photo upload. Awesome customer service (a graphic designer called to tell me the photo I uploaded was too dark, in addition to my receiving a notification via email). It took me about 20 minutes to design my card. About one week later I got my cards. I’m sure it would have been even faster if I lived in the U.S.

This company also made my adorable baby shower invites,which my friend Y purchased for my party. 


What Cillian did today: Went for a stroll using his new-but-used Jolly Jumper parasol, ate meatballs (he loves homemade tomato sauce), gnawed an arrowroot cookie, screamed when I wouldn’t let him drink Pepsi out of my glass, drank water instead.


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