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Ultimate breastfeeding book of answers



Mommy read this book all the time!

Mommy read this book all the time!

Thank goodness for this book. At one point I was reading it every second week. They should hand it out in the hospital.

I’ve been through so much I should become a La Leche League leader or something. I ought to put this knowledge to use. Let’s see…I’ve had:

-inability to latch the baby on to one breast, cured at the five-day mark by Anne-Marie Desjardins the lactation consultant

-cracked, bleeding nipples. Granted, almost everyone gets those, but mine resulted in mastitis

-mastitis three times, requiring antibiotics (cloxacillin each time did the trick)

-a non-drainable breast abscess as a result of the first case of mastitis, also cured with six weeks of cloxacillin. The lump didn’t hurt and it didn’t liquify, thanks to the magic of modern medicine

-two more cases of minor mastitis

-recurrent blocked ducts

-nipple blebs on both sides. Had to sterilize a needle and poke the white blisters so the backed-up milk could come out

-nipple blanching (that’s when they turn white). I thought it was a yeast infection because of the intense burning pain, until I noticed they were turning white after feedings. As per the book’s advice, I took vitamin B6, 100mgs for three days, then just 25mgs a day. It took the pain away, even though they still turn white. How freaky is that!

-nursing strike, which lead to

-milk oversupply, such that Cillian was clamping down to shut off the valve, so to speak

That’s just about every breastfeeding-related affliction you can get. I would still do it again though, because motherhood makes you crazy.


What Cillian did today: Rolled over many times, and wiggles backwards too. Ate half a big piece of lasagna. Drank water out of a glass. Played in the park with Poh poh and uncle Joseph. 


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