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In praise of the diaper-wipe warmer: They’re not so dumb as you think


Please don't put cold wipes on my bum! I'm only three weeks old.

Please don't put cold wipes on my bum! I'm only three weeks old.

Why does everyone ridicule diaper-wipe warmers? They’re very useful if you live in a old, barely insulated house in a cold climate, like we do. My pal Y suggested I register for one, and my aunt bought it for me. My friend L says “I second the use of a wipe warmer, can’t believe how wonderful it is. Who wants a cold wipe on their warm bum??!”

Once, I read something along the lines of “you are teaching your baby to only tolerate warmed wipes.” Well, hello. So what. 

Presumably that writer uses toilet paper. Toilet paper is not cold in the winter. A wet wipe is. 

Take off your pants and socks in your 18 degree celsius house at night in the winter and slap a big wet paper towel on your rump…is that not a close proximation of what you would be doing to baby, particularly a newborn? 

Some babies will cry when a cold wipe is put on their bum. Can you blame them?

I’d say a good rule of thumb is that if you’re going to have a winter baby and your house is cold and drafty, get one. A summer or spring baby, you can probably hold off on the diaper wipe warmer.


What Cillian did today: Ate chicken and turnip for the first time, played with my mom and brother and cousin, chewed his thumb.


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  1. * Niall says:

    I was a big time skeptic when it came to the diaper warmer. But I can say as a parent it is actually much more pleasant to grab a heated wipe as apposed to a cold one. So the comfort factor isn’t only for baby as I see it.

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 11 months ago

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