Good Baby Stuff

Graco SnugRider Stroller Frame. A must!


This was part of my first stroller. My Graco car seat fits right on top of this frame.

This was part of my first stroller. My Graco car seat fits right on top of this frame.

This was the best $60 I ever spent on a piece of baby gear. What is this weird looking contraption? It’s the Graco Snugrider Stroller Frame. You put the Graco car seat right on top, snap it into place, and off you go. It was heaven sent for every car trip I took when I was still healing from childbirth. In fact, I only retired it about a month ago when my baby giant outgrew it at five months. Most babies could easily use it till seven months. That doesn’t seem that long to you? Well, let me tell you, seven months of baby time using awkward gear is an ETERNITY. Do you really want to move your baby from a carseat into a stroller, or bump around with a big ugly “travel system”?

My fave mom blogger Straight from the Bottle basically sums it up thus in her post  Top Five Must-haves for Infants:

“Graco Snugride Infant Carseat Frame (or other Strap n Go Infant Seat stroller): Most convenient stroller for babies period. The Snap n Go is the only stroller you will need for your baby’s first six months (or as long as your baby fits into an infant carseat. Fable is days away from outgrowing hers already. A moment of silence, please for the infant car seat. Thank you.) It’s small, cheap, folds easily and is just THE most convenient way to go, me thinks. I did not have a carseat frame stroller with Archer and regret it HUGELY. Instead I had this huge stroller system and was always bumping into shit everywhere I went. Also? The Snugride has cup holders. Yay.”


What Cillian is doing now: Playing on his Rainforest playmat and ringing the chimes attachment Poh-poh bought him. Uh oh. Now he’s whining.


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