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Why you need lanolin from Lansinoh if you’re breastfeeding


Ahhh. Lansinoh.


Nobody tells you you’ll probably want to kill yourself if you start breastfeeding and it doesn’t go well in the hospital. One word: OUCH!!! There will be cracks. There will be blood. But take heart, it will get better…frankly even if baby’s latch doesn’t ever become perfect. More on this another time.

Do yourself a favour and just bring the Lansinoh with you to the hospital if you’re planning to breastfeed.

A well-meaning nurse said to me as I was lying in my hospital bed “Oh, just express some milk and rub it on the cracks.”

Not very useful if your milk hasn’t come in yet.

When I got home and got a truly gifted lactation consultant to visit me, she said, “Use the Lansinoh, push it into the crack, but only on the nipple.” THANK GOD FOR HER. It made a big difference.

So ladies, just use it. It’s safe for baby and it’s soothing.

Some like Medela lanolin better, to each there own…but for me, milk didn’t work.


What Cillian is doing: Sleeping on his tummy on my bed. Hey, I didn’t put him that way, he rolled over on his own!


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