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Bugaboo versus Maclaren

This is my sweet ride.

This is my sweet ride.



When you’re pregnant, you shop for a stroller. This is how you tell yourself you really are pregnant, and a baby is really coming. Among my parent demographic, the next question is inevitably, are you a Bugaboo mom or a Maclaren mom? Though I would argue that there are a few more stroller-brand choices these days, Uppababy and Silver Cross come to mind. 

Now, before you castigate Bugaboo moms for the untoward extravagance of $700 strollers, remember that probably a great many of them were purchased by baby boomer grandparents for whom price is no object for the first grand-bambino. Plus, said grandparents are expecting more bambini, so if you amortize it, it’s only a couple hundred per child. 

I went Maclaren. (Or rather, my mom did, she bought it for me.) I almost went Bugaboo Chameleon. But I would not have been able to get the Bugaboo up and down my formidable exterior stairs.  I liked the pram style, so lovely for a newborn, the lightness, the amazing handling, the lifetime warranty. Bugaboo is the luxury sedan of strollers. 

Cillian doesn’t love being in the Maclaren, I think he would prefer to sit up and interact more, but the umbrella style necessitates that he leans back. But for me, it’s an amazing piece of gear. So light, so nimble–it’s the perfect good-weather stroller. He’s been in it since two months of age.

I also used the Graco car seat in a Snap and Go stroller frame. I loved it, it was a lifesaver in my early postpartum days when I was full of stitches. I’ll post more about this later.



What Cillian is doing now: Jumping like crazy in his Jolly Jumper. He’s been in there for half an hour.


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