Good Baby Stuff

What to pack for the hospital when having a baby


"It's too bright in this hospital. Where are my sunglasses?"

It's too bright in this hospital. Where are my sunglasses?

By all means, pack most of the stuff the books and websites tell you to take to the hospital. A layette for baby. Digital camera. Car seat for baby, clothes for you, maybe one book or magazine if you’re lucky enough to have a leisurely labour.

Don’t forget: 

Extra receiving blankets…they give them at the hospital, but sometimes they get dirty and you have to wait for the nurses to bring more.

Bring a baby hat…they don’t have hats usually, though they do have baby gowns. 

Bring heavy duty sanitary pads. Again, they have but you might be waiting arouind for a nurse to bring you some. 

All-purpose hand wipes. I was in a semi-private room, and these would have come in handy had I thought of them, to wipe down the toilet or sink handles, and my own hands before breastfeeding as I couldn’t always make it over to the sink.

Socks for you, slippers for dad. My hub had to wear his shoes the whole time, slippers would have been nice for nighttime. As for me, I forget extra socks.

Lanolin. If you’re planning on breastfeeding. I’ll post about this next.

Consider bringing also:

Laptop. I loved having mine with me as my hospital had wifi. I could watch shows (no time, but in theory I could have) and I could put all-important status updates on Facebook and send out some emails to non-family. My husband liked using it too.

My Brest Friend nursing pillow. Yes they are more expensive than the Boppy, however, all the lactation consultants I saw said it was the best pillow to buy because it’s flat so baby doesn’t roll toward you. I was having trouble arranging the crappy hospital pillows to prop up bambino. Plus, I still get use out of the nursing pillow six months later.

Don’t bother with Champagne. 1) It will be warm by the time you open it 2) You ain’t gonna have time to drink it. Sorry to dispell the illusion. Save it for when you bring baby home. You’ll need it that night.

Some other insights about going to the hospital and coming home with baby:

Stay at least the night if you can if you’re going with a midwife, if only because the nurses bring you glasses of ice water /juice and will help you to the toilet and wrap the baby and will help you bathe her.  

If you end up with stitches, the sitz bath and spray bottle are ok, but when you get home, I’d use or install a removable shower head. The lactation consultant (she’s also a registered nurse) told me to use that instead of the spray bottle after going to the toilet to heal much faster, and sure enough, she was completely correct even if it was more hassle to get undressed and towel off after. 

Don’t let anyone visit without bringing food. If visitors ask if you need anything, definitely get them to bring food! Also, having a plate of food next to your bed at all times was helpful to me. I was a ravenous pig when I got home!


What Cillian is doing now: Sucking in his lower lip. Also, howling since he got up two hours ago. That’s his version of babbling, a sort of howl. It’s like having a basset  hound puppy in the house.


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