Good Baby Stuff

The stuff you really need for baby


Hello. My name is Cillian. I approve of these goods.

Hello. My name is Cillian. I approve of these goods.

Hello new parent. I was once like you. I wanted only the best for little bambino: a Bugaboo, a Peg Perego carseat to take baby home in, an Oeuf crib, a charming all-natural twig mobile to hang above it. You know how it is.

Instead, I happily ended up these way-cheaper choices: MacLaren stroller, a Graco Snugride V infant car seat, an Ikea Gulliver crib, and a Fisher-Price Rainforest Peek-a-Boo Leaves mobile. I love them all. And Hello. We’re in a recession. No better reason to save money on baby stuff.

Keep reading my blog and I promise to tell you why these products and others rock, from breastfeeding-friendly pacifiers and bottles to comfy highchairs.


What 6 month old  Baby Cillian did today: Took a nap in his daddy’s arms, and one in the car and then stroller, blew rasperries, ate rice cereal and a little sweet potato, nursed unenthusiastically, jumped up like crazy in the Jolly Jumper, wheezed and coughed a bit through the day, but is finally getting over his first cold, fingers crossed.


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